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JAT Fuel - 16 oz.


Similar to power gels, but stripped down a bit. Some gels use caffeine, calcium, etc. If you need caffeine while riding, carry some No-Doz or a 5 hour energy. JAT Fuel focuses on the energy & electrolytes. Each Oz is somewhere around 100 calories.


2 cups maltodextrin
1/2 cup dextrose

1 to 2 tsp. Lite Salt
1/2 package Kool-Aid
10 oz. water


Mix dry ingredients (except Lite Salt) together using a fork, or shake in a closed zip-lock bag. You want the dextrose and the maltodextrin to be seriously pre-mixed together. The maltodextrin likes to clump when mixed with water.


Add water and Lite Salt in a Pyrex bowl. Stir the salt into the water. Add above mixed powder and microwave until the mixture boils. Watch for boil overs! Stir and let sit. If clumps occur, try to break them up and microwave more. You can cook it on the stove top as well.


Let the mixture sit and cool down. 99% of the clumps will dissolve. Strain out the ones that don't - Pour into two 8 oz. Hydrapak Soft-flasks