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Where can I find the ingredients?


Maltodextrin and dextrose are available on Amazon. A 10 lb canister of dextrose is about 22.5 cups. I usually buy the "Now Foods" 10 lb canister. You can buy cheaper bags later and refill. Maltodextrin is also called "Carbo Gain".


There are a few different brands of the soft-flasks. I like Hydropak soft-flasks. YMMV. You can also get these on Amazon. I first found them on


Morton Lite Salt is available at any grocery store in the salt section. "No Salt" is all potassium chloride. "Lite Salt" is 50/50 potassium chloride and sodium chloride (regular salt): Electrolytes!


It goes without saying, if you have health problems, where you are supposed to limit sodium, etc, please check with your doctor before using any electrolyte product. If you are a diabetic, please review your sugar intake with your doctor.