Tour de Taco
It's all about the Tacos!

It's really all about the Tacos!

In 2009, we started as a group of riders bicycling around Houston on the weekends. We passed taco shacks and kept saying to ourselves "we should stop for tacos".

And so it began...

Think of us as a "Tour de France", but with breakfast tacos. Typically the rides are 25-50 miles, Saturday and Sunday mornings, year round. During MS150 training season, the rides are longer. We're more of a motivational support group; a taco group with a riding problem.

During the MS150 season, the calendar is kept up to date with our training rides. If you want to join us, click on contact us page and join the mailing list.

Please note - This group is not affiliated with Critical Mass or Crucial Matter or their similarly named ride.